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Living Room

Thelma Sectional Sofa

Experience simplicity with this Thelma sectional sofa with ottoman. Upholstered in gray polished microfiber, this sectional sofa features full foam seat cushion and adjustable headrest for maximum comfort. In addition, pull-out sleeper provides extra convenience for unexpected guests. With its classic but contemporary design, it will fit perfectly in any living room.
  • Gray Polished Microfiber (R01 --> Cost: $3.60)
  • Wood Leg: Silver Finish
  • KD, Sectional Sofa & Ottoman w/Storage (Sleeper, Adjustable Headrest w/3 Positions: Size 26" x 9" x 5" ~9")
  • "L" Shape Sectional: LF Sofa w/Sleeper, RF Chaise with Storage Ottoman (Sectional Not Reversible/No Pillows)
  • Buttonless Tufted (Seat Cushion)
  • Tight Back & Seat Cushion
  • Seat Construction: Full Foam Filling
  • Armrest: Pillow Top, Arm Size: 33.5 x 9 x 22"H
  • Wooden Block Leg: "L" Shape, Silver Finish, 2 Inches Height, Plastic Round Leg, Sleeper with Caster Wheels (2Pc Sofa / 4Pc Chaise / 2Pc Ottoman)
  • Ottoman: Top with Safety Hinge Lid
  • Material: Polished Microfiber, White Contrast Stitching
  • Upholstery
  • Polished Microfiber, Metal Sleeper Mechanism, Wood Frame (Eucalyptus Wood), Foam (Density 22Kg), Wood Leg
Build Your Perfect Living Room
Build Your Perfect Living Room
Thelma Sectional Sofa,Acme $2,149.99
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Build Your Perfect Living Room

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Total : $2,149.99
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Thelma sectional sofa : 83.00"D x 33.00"H x 0.00"W
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